Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Desk Active

I Interviewed Josh Swinnerton the CEO of a next generation office health and safety company called Desk Active ( recently and think they have a good shot at success in the US.

They use Avatars to help Desk Jockeys stretch, maintain a healthy posture, focus on thier ergonomics and monitor their keyboard and mouse use. The idea is that they will help companies with lots of sedentary workers (call center staff to every day heavy computer users) stay on top of stretching to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome, back & neck pain. You can download personal copies in the near future or a company can buy a license for their whole company and white label it if they choose.

The challenge with any Australian IT company is how do you create product awareness from so far away and what is the best delivery channel for the US. In addition with a product that can be purchased online or sold through sales people or resellers what is the best way to optimize sales as well as margins. We'll check back with Desk Active in a few months and see what their strategy is and how the implementation is going.

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